Well, I met Access Scaffolding, John, through a mutual friend who had work done in the summer. He was such a nice easy going guy and didn’t give me the hard sell which I normally tend to get with tradespeople, so instantly I felt at ease. I have had my roof fixed and feel so much more safer and relaxed as I wasn’t sure what was going on up there, hey but no more leaking now.

Thanks guys, and thanks for the biscuits.

Chery Adamson

I wanted to paint the exterior of my house but it was too large for ladders and too big a job to do myself. I called Access Scaffolding and they talked me through the whole process of what I would need, how long it would be likely to take and costings. They couldn’t have been more helpful.

I am glad I had been referred to them by Greg.

Yvonne Dickson